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Monday, March 30, 2009

Arkansas Joining States with Seatbelt Laws in June

It might be hard to contemplate that some states don't have primary seatbelt laws given their track record for saving lives. A primary seatbelt law means the driver of the vehicle can be pulled over simply because they were not wearing a seatbelt. As of today, there are 27 states and a number of territories with primary seat belt laws, and 22 with secondary seat belt laws. Secondary seat belt laws mean that the driver can be ticketed if occupants are not wearing seat belts, but must have been pulled over for another infraction.

Arkansas is the latest of the states to join the primary seat belt law majority. Beginning at the end of June, drivers will now be pulled over if they are observed driving without wearing seatbelts. However, many states seem to have joined this trend in order to receive federal money as part of a highway grant. For example, Kansas may lose out on $11.2 million if they do not pass a seatbelt law by the end of June. However, New Hampshire has no primary or secondary law. Incidentally, New Hampshire is also one of four states without a helmet law for motorcycles.

It is estimated that in states with the primary seatbelt law, drivers wear their seatbelts 88 percent of the time. In those states without a primary law, drivers wear their seatbelts only 75 percent of the time. Nationwide, it has been estimated that 82 percent of drivers wear their seatbelts, no matter what the law is.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that in 76 percent of fatal auto accidents, the occupants were totally ejected from the vehicle.

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posted by Neil at 9:33 AM

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