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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

911 Calls Save Passengers on Overturned Boat

A 26-foot boat ran aground due to the darkness of night and the shallowness of a Hudson River marsh and overturned early July 29th near Highland Falls, New York. The boat was carrying five friends who were returning home after eating at a Newburgh restaurant when the accident happened.

One of the five, 25-year-old Steven Vasta, used his cell phone to call 911 as the five were trapped beneath the overturned hull. Vasta let dispatchers know they were trapped. He made two calls, but both were cut off. However, authorities were able to pinpoint the location of the boat and sent in helicopters, boats, and cars from surrounding counties. The wreck was found in waist-high water.

Although the rescuers were able to save four of the five, tragically Vasta died. The pilot of the boat, John Downey III was treated at a hospital and released. His fiancé, Vanessa Santos and another friend, Marco Almeida, were listed in good condition, while Sean Morris was listed in serious condition. Authorities believe all may have died if it wasn't for Vasta making the emergency calls.

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posted by Neil at 3:15 PM

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